LivNJoy Agent Program

It comes with ONE MILLION DOLLARS of Flex-Capital with no risk to you. You may use the capital to address difficult situations of your clients which no other agent can. This will boost your career growth. Our Mantra is very simple, "When your client wins, you win!!"

Here are a few use cases which you can serve and win over competing agents.

  1. Your buyer is losing to competing cash buyers, even though your buyer is making a higher offer otherwise. You ask LivNJoy to buy that home for quick cash to the seller, and then your buyer will buy from LivNJoy using traditional mortgage. When your client wins, you win!!

  2. Your buyer is making a low-ball offer, which the seller may decline. You strengthen the offer using LivNJoy Flex-Capital. Sellers are much more likely to accept a low-ball offer if it is all cash. When your client wins, you win!!

  3. Your buyer is buying a home which may not qualify for mortgage, e.g., a home which requires some fixing before it can pass the lender's criteria. You use LivNJoy Flex-Capital to buy the home for your buyer, after it is fixed, the buyer purchases it from LivNJoy using traditional mortgage. When your client wins, you win!!

  4. Your client is selling their current home and buy another home. They may not financially be able to hold both homes at the same time, therefore, they may have to move to a rental home during the transition period. Using LivNJoy Flex-Capital, LivNJoy buys either their existing home and let them stay there, until they close their new home. Alternatively, LivNJoy buys their new home and let them move in there. and after they have sold their previous home, they buy their new home from LivNJoy. When your client wins, you win!!

  5. Your seller wants the best price from the market, but also has a deadline. You make a backup all cash offer using LivNJoy Flex-Capital. In an unlikely case they did not get a client in the open market before their deadline, you may still meet their deadline. When your client wins, you win!!

  6. Your seller who has two competing offers. One is lower all cash offer, while the other is much higher contingent offer. Your client likes the low risk of all cash offers, but the higher price of the other offer. Using LivNJoy Flex-Capital, your client can accept the higher all cash offer, and just in case if it fails to close, LivNJoy will purchase the home. So the client can confidently go with the higher financing offer, knowing that lower all cash offer is always there. When your client wins, you win!!

There are numerous scenarios where the high-risk (for LivNJoy) Flex-Capital will drastically improve your services for your clients. In fact, we are so confident that we are offering "winning" guarantee to the buyers. We tell them that we will get them the first home their family selected to buy, no matter the competition. If we fail, we will give them $1,000 credit towards their home purchase. Join our team and become more productive and boost your career!

Case Study:
Meet Anand, one of our past clients. He and his wife were looking to buy a home for over 18 months, visited dozens of homes, and made offers on many. In fact, for the last 18 months, that is what was their weekend activity was. They came to LivNJoy, and we got them the very first home their family selected. In fact, not only we returned back all their weekends, but we also saved them a lot of money. The competing offer was $1,100,000 (ask us to see the copy of the competing offer), since we made a cash offer, we got the home for $1,005,000. The seller wanted the assurance of timely closing, so they took a significantly lower offer. When our client won, we won!!

Imagine, if the seller was LivNJoy client rather than one of the buyers, the seller could have taken the higher offer and have gotten $95,000 more.

Bottom line is, using LivNJoy Flex-Capital, you give an advantage to your client, whether it is the buyer or the seller or trying to accomplish both buying and selling.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to grow your real estate career, earn more commission, and serve your clients the best, join LivNJoy. They will be happy that their agent has such a superpower in their back pocket. Remember the mantra, when your client wins, you win!!

One last thing, of course, we have something for you too. Once a home is assured to close, LivNJoy can give you a portion of your commission split in advance. So you do not have to wait for the closing day for your earnings. Further, once you have some business closed with LivNJoy, you may borrow even LivNJoy share of the split, to market your name, e.g., you may buy Facebook or Google ads in your name using LivNJoy's share of split.

Please fill the form below if you want to grow your business. Even a 10% additional growth will double your business in 8 years than what you would have with another brokerage. With another brokerage, if in 8 years you reach 5 homes a year, with LivNJoy you will reach 10 a year!!